Psychotherapy may be helpful for a variety of presenting difficulties and may involve different constellations of individuals, depending on the needs of the individual, situation, or circumstance.  We provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families affected by psychiatric, psychological, developmental, relational, transitional, and emotional difficulties.  Our experience allows us to thoughtfully provide these services to individuals throughout the lifespan, from very young children to older adults. We work with those from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, as well as, those from all abilities, genders, and sexual orientations.

Clinical & Psychoeducational Assessment:

Assessment may be recommended or sought for diagnostic clarification and understanding, accommodation recommendations, treatment planning, evaluation for special education services, as well as, vocational and transition planning.  We provide comprehensive cognitive, neuropsychological, personality, adaptive, and functional evaluations that utilize data derived from clinical interviews, standardized measures, and clinical judgment, for children, adolescents, and adults. 


Consultation is provided for teachers, educators, and others in helping professions, as well as, for students and parents. In consultation, one may seek assistance with identification of areas of difficulty, understanding or exploration of potential issues belying objective observations, as well as, designing plans to enhance individual and/or student achievement.  In some cases, it may provide a space in which complex cases may be discussed and clinical and theoretical exploration may occur.  In others, it may provide relational and professional support toward the design and implementation of individual practices that can contribute to sustaining health and wellness. In still others, it may provide education, support, and skills training for those facing challenges at home, work, or school.