Over ten years ago, we, the members of Psychotherapy & Assessment of Hyde Park, came to know one another through our shared clinical work. In the beginning, our relationships formed around the commonality of our work and the similarities of our professional aspirations; each of us having completed graduate school in social work or clinical psychology. As each of our professional lives developed, taking shape and achieving focus, our relationships to one another have evolved; from identification in what situationally made us similar, to respect and appreciation for what professionally, theoretically, and aspirationally made us unique. In our diversity, we see reflected a goal of psychotherapy; to create something new or different in one's experience through the process of being in relationship to another.

We have formed our practice in an effort to combine our strengths, as clinicians and psychologists, to provide thoughtful and informed psychotherapy and assessment services on the south side of Chicago. Our work focuses on promoting and supporting the growth of individuals and families throughout the lifespan, utilizing the connection formed within the therapeutic relationship as the foundation for these changes. Many of the philosophical and theoretical thoughts that form the roots of our practice have developed over the years we have been together. 

We have identified the genesis of our practice, the thoughts, ideas, and hopes for it, as developing under a tree, on a bench, on the campus of the University of Chicago. Symbolically, we have represented this beginning in our logo. For us it represents the beginning of our relationship to one another and, moving forward, the beginning of relationships we will form with those who come to know us through our work. In total, it represents a location where enhanced capacities to imagine, play, relate, and work may develop.